Facial Boca Raton Day Spa

♦The Power Cleanser Facials
60 minutes

An aromatic steam cleansing of your face, neck and décolleté, followed by a clinical extraction procedure for deep follicular cleansing, finishing with a healing mask. While masking, receive a neck, shoulder & décolleté massage. Finally, toner, moisturizer and a required dose of antioxidants are applied.


Deluxe Therapeutic Cleanse

90 minutes

Relaxation is the name of this facial. Includes all the benefits of a power cleansing facial plus a mini hand, foot and scalp massage. This therapy is a must. The best ninety minutes of your day.



♦Teen Acne Facial (ages 17 & under)
40 minutes

Consists of a thorough cleansing under steam, followed by clinical extractions and a healing mask. Finishing with the appropriate toner and moisturizer.


♦Hyaluronic B5 Facial 
75 minutes

In the finishing stage of the Power Cleansing facial, a hyaluronic rich blanket is placed over the face. This hydrating treatment combined with steam is designed to open pores and facilitate hydration absorption. Ending with a rich moisturizer and B5 acid gel to replenish, hydrate and normalize your skin’s moisture balance.


♦Mini Facial or Back Treatment
30 minutes

Aromatic steam cleansing, minor extractions and finishing with the appropriate toner and moisturizer.


♦The Glycolic Wash 
20 minutes

Includes a cleansing, a Glycolic Acid treatment and an exfoliation procedure. Followed by a healing mask and finishing with the appropriate toner, moisturizer and antioxidant. Benefits photo damaged skin and prematurely aged cell tissue. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and the appearance of enlarged pores. Controls production of irregular sebaceous oils. For optimum results, This Glycolic Treatment should be done weekly for 6 to 8 weeks. Packages available.


♦5-Day Facial TCA Acid Peels 

TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel is a medically supervised treatment. It is perfect for persons who have uneven skin pigmentation, wrinkles or facial blemishes. TCA also treats sun damaged, dry, flaky skin and dark spots. Maybe you want to improve acne and blackheads or ruddiness? In this case TCA peeling is just for you. A TCA peel can be done on various parts of the body: the entire face as well as arms, hands, chest or the neck. It can be used for light-skinned or darker-skinned individuals. Peeling process lasts 5-7 days. Several treatments may be required to achieve desired results.


♦Hypnosis for Anti-Aging with Facial Treatment


Add–On Services:

  • Paraffin Treatment $15
  • Perfect Brow Shaping $15
  • Eye Brow Tinting $20
  • Eye Lash Tinting $25
  • Combined Tinting $40
  • Acid Treatment $20